Photo and Design by Joey Meyers of @ball_and_claw_vintage

Photo and Design by Joey Meyers of @ball_and_claw_vintage


Each tapestry is priced individually based on size and style. Sizes range from "small" to "large" scale pieces and the styles vary to include metallic embellishments and detailed dye designs. Prices begin at $450 for a "small" tapestry. 

The circle tapestries range is size from 33" to 48" in diameter. Prices begin at $700. 

Within every collection designed by Lauren, a variety of sizes and styles are included.

Commissioned work is priced individually based on the size and style of the piece. Dimensions can be customized to exceed measurements listed below. To discuss a custom piece, please email HELLO @


No two pieces are alike. From the length of the strands and the way the fibers hang, to the saturation level for each layer of dye, replication is impossible. Each one-of-a-kind piece is handmade by Lauren Williams in Dallas, Texas.

Every month, new tapestries are added to the online shop. If you do not see one that you love today, check back and you may have a different experience. However, a custom tapestry may be the best solution for your space.

BOHO by LAUREN Standard Tapestries range in size. "Standard Tapestries" refer to the Large, Medium, Small and Circle tapestries that are offered in each collection online for public purchase and are consistent in dimensions where "commissioned work" is often customized in size and shape.

SIZES & SHAPES Should you need a custom size, tapestries can be built at different lengths and widths. Tapestries may also be cut to have different shapes; V cut; inverted V cut; straight edge; jagged and unstructured or even "A line" to compliment the angle of a stair case! 

DYE COLORS The ability to achieve exact colors or lines when working with dye on a "canvas with movement" is difficult. Unlike canvas art and working with paints, fiber art has certain challenges. The fibers absorb the dyes differently depending on the temperature, composition of the strands and dye recipe. Striving to get a precise shade or hue can be very challenging and often impossible. When ordering a custom tapestry, having an idea of the style and shades to incorporate is best. Expecting precision is not the way to go when ordering a custom, dip-dyed wall hanging.

STYLE The unique styles of dye lines come from Lauren's artistic judgement once she understand's your style preference. Dye lines can be abstract, imitate a landscape, have an ombré effect of blended shades of color, or simply a single dip of color. Being exact with the lines of dye is very difficult on a "canvas with movement" so precision is never the focus. 

METALLICS Metallic detail can be added to your tapestry. Depending on the tapestry design and style of the dye lines, a gold or silver texture may be the perfect addition. 

TIMELINE & AVAILABILITY Custom tapestries are commssioned at a limited quantity each month and have an 8-12 week turnaround. 

PRICING & DEPOSIT Each custom tapestry is priced based on your requested details. Please email HELLO @ for a Custom Tapestry Request Form. We will follow up within 72 hours to confirm details and provide pricing via the email address you provide at the next stage. Your deposit confirms your order and the remaining balance will be due once the tapestry is finished, prior to shipment and following client approval.


What are the standard tapestry dimensions?

Small: 36" across* and hangs 48" long

Medium: 72" across* and hangs 28" long

Large: 72" across* and hangs 48" long

Circle Tapestry: the diameter is between 33" and 48" across; custom designed pieces can exceed 48" 

*Measurement includes wooden dowel


Each tapestry is one of a kind, therefore cannot be replicated. Once it is sold, it is gone!  The shop is updated monthly with new work, however pieces sell quickly. Every hanging is hand made, packaged and shipped by Lauren, so your patience is appreciated. While working quickly, maintaining top quality craftsmanship is never rushed. Sign up for the BOHO by LAUREN mailing list  and follow on Instagram to stay up to date on when new work is listed. If you would like to order a custom tapestry, please see the shop for availability on commissioned pieces. 


Shipping a BOHO by LAUREN tapestry within the continental US ranges between $15 and $30. International shipping averages $200 per package. International postal services and systems may require purchaser to pay additional customs fees or duty taxes at customs. BOHO by LAUREN is not responsible for additional fees or taxes.


Your tapestry will ship within 5-7 business days of purchase. Custom orders have a 6-8 week turnaround once the deposit has been made and details regarding your tapestry have been discussed with Lauren. All tapestries are shipped via Fed Ex ground, for a 3-5 day delivery. You will receive a tracking number once your tapestry has shipped. 

how long does it take to make a tapestry?

Every piece takes a great deal of time. The process begins with sanding the wooden dowel, staining it, cutting the single fiber strands and attaching them one by one. Once the canvas is built, the dying begins. I usually work on multiple pieces at once, shifting between them as I change dye colors or wait for the latest layer of dye to dry. I use drying breaks to decide on color layers and make design decisions. Once the last layer of dye is complete, the tapestry is left to dry overnight. I remain purposefully ignorant of the time it takes to make each one but it's safe to say that more than 15 hours and sometimes up to 3 months can go into a single tapestry.  

how do i hang the tapestry?

All you will need is a hammer! Directions for hanging your tapestry, as well as a set of nails are included with your tapestry. The hanging will rest on top of the nails provided. We recommend that the nails are aligned within the fibers so you do not see the nails supporting the wooden dowel. 

How do I clean the tapestry?

Remove the tapestry from the wall and while outdoors, sway from side to side to release any dust particles. Any dust that has gathered on the dowel may be wiped away with a dry cloth. Do not use a damp cloth or cleaning products as dye may bleed.

what materials do you use?

The wooden dowel is birch wood sourced locally. The fiber strands are a wool and polyester blend. Various dyes, dilluted paints and other staining liquids are used in the process of creating a BOHO by LAUREN tapestry. Should allergies related to natural fibers be a concern, please email HELLO @ to discuss other options. 

will the tapestry stain my wall?

Hundreds of dip dyed tapestries have hung on the studio's white walls without leaving any marks. However, if you were to rub the strands into your wall, you would probably see a mark on the wall or your fingers. Similar to a new, unwashed garment that has been hand dyed, a transfer of color can happen. You should carefully run your fingers downward to separate the strands after hanging, but once situated the tapestry should not be fondled. Handle strands gently to avoid minor tinting of fingers. 

Can i use a different carrier for shipment?

Fed Ex is the chosen shipping company based on price and care. The kraft mailing tubes that Large, Medium and most Custom Tapestry sizes are shipped in, are 74" long. Fed Ex offers the best shipping rates for a package this size. 

Why is my phone number required at checkout?

Due to the value of each tapestry, a signature is required upon delivery. In order to make sure you are able to sign for your package, text notifications from Fed Ex are sent. Fed Ex will send text message notifications for expected delivery time and date as well as delivery confirmation. If you will not be available to sign for your package, please provide a shipping address where it can be accepted and signed for. Packages returned to BOHO by LAUREN will require additional shipping costs to be sent out again.  

Do you offer classes?

Currently classes are not available. 

Do you offer wholesale?

Wholesale is not available at this time. 

Can I post about you on my website or blog?

That would be great! Please provide credit on work, photos and links where appropriate. 

I sent you an email/facebook Message/instagram DM and havent heard back from you. Why?

Im so sorry! I receive many messages on various platforms and cannot reply to them all. If you've sent me an email however, I will get back to you as soon as I can! Thank you for your patience!