Canvas with Movement©

As a self-taught painter, Lauren wanted to create an alternative to canvas art for her home. By suspending more than 400 single fiber strands to a wooden dowel, Lauren created a “canvas with movement” and deepens the texture by adding multiple layers of dye, often times dipping each strand one by one, when the design calls for it. The result is a one-of-a-kind wall hanging that adds interest and originality to any space.

In 2014, Lauren shared a photo to Instagram and received an overwhelming response to her first wall hanging. The six foot wide, dip-dyed tapestry was an overnight motivator to begin offering custom fiber art to friends and family. She launched BOHO by LAUREN in 2015 and now provides a modern-bohemian style of home décor inspiration through Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Snapchat.

Hundreds of tapestries later, BOHO by LAUREN pieces are being incorporated into homes, restaurants, hotels and event spaces by top interior designers around the world. 

With a quickly growing community of modern-bohemian style lovers, BOHO by LAUREN is headed towards even more home décor possibilities. "I want the brand to move towards offering additional, creative and inspiring home decor" and she alludes to throw blankets that are one of a kind, handmade pottery, baskets and other pieces that she uses to create her own inspiring, modern-bohemian home.

Photo by @kellyfondots // Design by @indiebungalow