This modern fiber art will fulfill your boho fantasies

From a small addition to an art wall to the focal piece of a room, fiber art has made a grand return. View Article. 

Lauren Williams of BOHO by LAUREN

When Lauren Williams moved to Dallas from Los Angeles five years ago with her husband and baby in toe, she did what most young Dallasites do: she rented. As a result, those past five years have included several moves and many a new wall in need of a little decorating. View Article.

Fridays with Flea Style: Lauren Williams

This installment of Fridays with Flea Style features fiber artist Lauren Williams, one of the creatives for our upcoming summer Summit and owner of Boho by Lauren. View Article.


When we first committed to this whole ‘go to small-town Texas and shop for a few days’ thing with Chairish I panicked that it would be crazy difficult to find a house that could sleep all of us comfortably during such a busy time of year. I don’t get away from the kids for pleasure often so while 2007 Emily was happy sleeping in disgusting hostels in Hong Kong, 2017 Emily secretly wants any home away from home to be pretty, comfortable and some place inspiring – plus I wanted my staff to feel pampered and special and of course together but not on top of each other. Well, lucky for us we found all those things in The Vintage Round Top. View Article.


Maker of the Month - Boho by Lauren

A few weeks back, Lauren graciously allowed me into her Dallas studio space for some pics + we chatted about Boho by Lauren's origins, what life looks like as a new artist + where she's headed in the future. View Article.

Sooo when do we move in? If you saw this morning’s botanical birthday bash, you heard all about what a big deal greenery-covered walls are right now. So when we caught sight of this Havana inspired engagement party, we had to gather just a few more deets… View Article.